What is Discipleship?

Christians are followers of Jesus Christ. More specifically, they are students (or, disciples) of Christ. A disciple is someone who follows Christ through Christian community and becomes more spiritually mature over time—over the course of a lifetime, to be more precise. In the church, we strive to follow Jesus and his teachings, and we welcome new pilgrims on this journey with us. As discipleship takes place, the church becomes a place where miracles of change and grace materialize in new and surprising ways.

Jesus’ plan to make disciples and send them into the world continues with us today. We are always learning to be like Jesus and follow his example: by being lovedliberated… by leading… and by being sent into the world (launched) to share the Good News of God’s love and forgiveness with all people.  Discipling others is our true mission.  When we continue what Jesus started, we bring glory to God.

For more on discipleship, please read Matthew 28:16-20 (a passage often called “The Great Commission”). Enjoy the helpful video link below.

This is Discipleship

Baptism and Discipleship

Our current baptismal font has been in use for over a century.  It is always front and center during our worship gatherings to remind us of our baptism and all that Christ has done for us.  Baptism and discipleship are inextricably linked.  It does not cost a person anything to become a disciple of Christ.  God’s grace is freely given to those who call on God in faith.  To be a disciple, however, costs us everything (see Luke 9:23-26).  We are first saved by Christ’s grace through faith and then commanded to follow him.  It is through baptism that we publicly express our acceptance of all that God has done for us through Christ.  Baptism is also symbolic of the transformation taking place in the lives of disciples.

If you have questions or would like more information about baptism or discipleship, please contact the church office by calling – 516.627.3494 or reach out to us through our contact form.

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