Our mission is to help people experience God’s presence, learn and live Christ’s ways, and serve others in need.

In June 2013, our denomination, The Reformed Church in America, approved a 15-year goal called “Transformed and Transforming: Radically Following Christ in Mission Together.”  The vision arose from a denomination-wide discernment process that lasted several years.

Our Reformed churches are committed to focusing their efforts and energies in the following ways:

  •  Cultivating Transformation in Christ by…
    a.    Developing passionate disciples.
    b.    Deepening our spiritual journey.
    c.    Loving and embracing all people.

  •  Equipping Emerging Leaders of Today and Tomorrow by…
    a.    Empowering our youth and adults to become leaders.
    b.    Mobilizing emerging leaders for service in the church and world.

  •  Engaging in Christ’s Kingdom Mission by…
    a.    Contextualizing ministry and church in new and expanded ways.
    b.    Prioritizing youth involvement in missional ministry.
    c.    Promoting justice, compassion, and reconciliation.


We keep this vision before us at all times and we know it implies that things are changing or will need to change. This is only natural when transformation is taking place. There are growing pains. Even so, vision has a very BIG part to play as we shape our future together. It is what inspires us and brings passion and vitality to our ministry together.

Our former pastor, Rev. Steve Pierce, talked about vision as “a picture of the future that produces passion” (quoting Bill Hybels, Courageous Leadership). We still hold before us a part of his vision for our church:

As I envision our ministry together, I think about those within our community who may be far from God, whose lives are riddled with disenchantment, immorality, fear, pain, and brokenness. I imagine us inviting people to a small group, a service, a retreat, or a social event—welcoming them not just into our sacred spaces but into our lives as well. I envision them feeling accepted, inspired to come back and hear the gospel, to use their gifts in our congregation, and to bring their own vision and life to the community. How wonderful it would be if these same individuals began inviting others into a life-giving relationship with God and involvement in a church family.

This vision of reaching people who feel abandoned or lost (and discipling them) is what gives The Community Reformed Church its passion for ministry. It’s what keeps us focused on the important things. We know people’s lives are at stake. There are eternal realities at play. And so, we pray the Holy Spirit will continue to motivate us in new ways and give us new hearts for reaching people. This is our shared vision and we seek to do God’s will together. 

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