Why Membership Matters & How to Join

Becoming a member of a church should never be made in haste.

It takes prayer, humility and requires commitment on the part of the person intending to join.  Members rely on Jesus Christ for forgiveness and seek ways to grow in their relationship to God and each other.  In an effort to simplify the breakdown of a person’s commitment to Christ and his church, members at The Community Reformed Church agree to the following:

Daily time with God through personal Bible study, meditation, and prayer.
Weekly tithe to God through faithful worship attendance and financial support.
Regular time for God through involvement in life and ministry of Community Reformed Church.

Membership matters for a variety of reasons.
On the one hand, the leaders of the church need to know who they can count on in order to move the church forward.  Like any organization that seeks to be built on success and the hard work of its people, we ask our members to be consistent, trustworthy, dependable, reliable, and always remain teachable.

We are building a strong faith community by relying on our members to …

  • Protect the unity of our church by…
    Acting in love toward other members
    Refusing to gossip
    Following the leaders
  •  Share the responsibility of our church by…
    Inviting others to participate
    Praying for its growth
    Warmly welcoming visitors
  •  Serve the ministry of our church by…
    Discovering their gifts and talents
    Being ready to serve
    Developing a servant’s heart
  •  Support the testimony of our church by…
    Regularly attending worship gatherings
    Living a godly life
    Giving faithfully

How To Join

If you are interested in joining, please consider attending an upcoming new members’ course. These courses are typically offered on the second and third Sundays of October, January and May.  Depending on your interest and personal schedule, you may want to speak with a minister by calling the church office – 516.627.3494.  During these sessions, you will learn more about our church’s beliefs, history, mission, structure and how you can better serve the church and grow as a Christian.

For more information please contact the church office by calling – 516.627.3494 or reach out to us through our contact form.


Why I Joined

Tanya Testimonial“It was imperative that we find a place of worship where we could grow spiritually.  We struggled for many years to find a church that we felt balanced all of which we knew we needed and wanted from our church home: A church that was involved in some form of evangelism, reaching out to non-Christians with the truth of Christ. A church that would edify Christians – helping to build us up, equip us, and encourage and/or support us.  A church with high-quality Bible teaching that stresses the importance of honoring and glorifying God in all that we do.  Last, but definitely not least, a church that works together to have a positive impact on the local and worldwide community – helping others just as Christ called us to do. 

We became members of The Community Reformed Church at Manhasset because it exemplifies all of the above-noted qualities.  We once read that “choosing where you and your children will learn the things of God and serve the Lord Jesus Christ has eternal ramifications.” Therefore, we took our time, allowed our Heavenly Father to guide us and finally made the commitment to join a church that would help us grow spiritually, and guide us through the process of becoming true followers of Christ.”


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