Ecological Stewardship

Our Green Team’s Mission Statement:

Tree dedication on Sunday, April 19, 2015

Called by our Scriptures to be stewards of the earth, we are working together to deepen our awareness of environmental responsibility, to provide youth and adult education on how to live in greater harmony with creation, and to enact more sustainable practices in our individual lives, in our faith community, and beyond.

Over the next two years, our team is participating in the GreenFaith Certification Program (for more information, see the article below), hosted by an interfaith organization that has helped guide nearly 100 congregations across the country toward a more environmentally conscious faith and practice. To this end, our Green Team members are conducting audits and implementing action items to improve our environmental leadership in the following areas:

  • Spirit (Worship, Religious Education, and Spirituality)
  • Environmental Justice (Education and Advocacy)
  • Stewardship
  • Communications (Education, Publicizing Events and Services)
  • Community Outreach (Planet Manhasset, Food Pantries)

Serve God & Save The Planet

Green Team Activities at CRC: What We’re Accomplishing in Greening our Church Campus

Food and the Environment

  • Fair Trade Coffee and produce are provided at coffee hour after worship

Water Issues

  • Handing out Stainless Steel water bottles to congregants with statistics about the perils of using disposable water bottles

Grounds Maintenance and Stewardship

  • Began using local, organic mulch for flower beds
  • Planting native species
  • Creating a certified National Wildlife Habitat on campus

Waste Reduction

  • CRC’s hosts a Textile Recycling Bin (from Green Tree Textiles) in our church parking lot (ongoing)

Elimination of Toxic Materials

  • Replaced the use of Pesticides with an Integrated Pest Management system
  • Using Green cleaning products throughout the buildings

Religious Education

  • Creating a guided nature walk on the church grounds
  • Eco-themed Film Chats
  • Eco-theological Discussions in Adult Sunday School
  • Creation-themed Spiritual Arts Camp Religious Education for Children
  • Children’s Sermons
  • Planting Sunday for Children (May)

Energy Stewardship

  • Switching out all of the incandescent lighting in the sanctuary to LED bulbs
  • Replaced window AC units with a high-efficiency wall unit in sanctuary


  • Posted “no idling” signs in the driveway and parking lot

Connecting with Creation in Worship: Outdoor Services, Eco-themed Services

  • Outdoor Easter Sunrise Service
  • Earth Day Sunday Worship (April)
  • Outdoor Galilean Service By the Bay with the Community Church of Douglaston (July)
  • Autumn Eco-Sunday (September)
  • Blessing of the Animals Service (St. Francis Sunday, October)
  • Warwick Family Retreat; Eco-themed Devotions and Spiritual Nature Hike

Environmental Justice

  • Weekly delivery of harvest from local, organic gardens (from Manhasset schools) to food pantries in disadvantaged communities
  • Participation in the People’s Climate March


CRC Pursues Green Faith Certification!

textbin1“The Lord God took the human and put him in the garden to abad, to till it and keep it.” (Gen. 2:15).

From the very beginning of creation, humanity was charged with the stewardship of the earth. The Hebrew word used in Genesis 2:15 is abad, “to serve or keep.” In other words, the biblical text makes it clear that serving and caring for the natural world is not an option; it’s what we were created to do! Responding to this mandate, the Green Team, with Consistory’s blessing, has recently taken an important step toward helping our congregation care for the earth. Early this month, the Green Team enrolled our church in a two-year certification program, which consists of enacting sustainable practices and educating our community on issues of creation care. You’ll find a brief description by visiting: The program is overseen by GreenFaith, an interfaith organization that has been inspiring, educating, and mobilizing diverse congregations for environmental leadership for the last two decades. Our congregation joins fifty-five other houses of worship across the U.S. in taking important first steps toward caring for creation. Our participation is particularly notable, however, in that we will be the first RCA church and the first congregation on Long Island to participate!

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